MQA unfolding question

If you use a device that supports MQA like the bluesound node 2i and play a MQA track off tidal using Roon outputting the audio digitally over coax will this setup support 24bit 192khz or will the “unfloding” still be done by roon and support 24bit 192khz? I want to use the DAC in my preamp if possible even though it doesn’t support MQA but does support up to 32bit 384khz.

AFAIK you will only get the first unfold from Roon. The second unfold has to occur on the DAC – or not at all. See also Roon x MQA.


That is what I was thinking thanks for the response.

@THXULTRA Do you already own the Bluesound? If not, The Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital will do what you are asking but only via USB.

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I currently have a old Sonos Connect that I’m looking to upgrade to something that supports hi-res. Most of my hi-res listening will be from Tidal but I have some hi-res flac as well. Been leaning towards the Allo Digi player because it seems like the best bang for my buck. Doesn’t look like I will gain anything with the Bluesound over the Allo.

I have an Allo Signature ($177) feeding the $399 Pro-ject S2 Digital upscaling to DSD128 and doing the FULL MQA decoding and Rendering. Sounds AMAZING.


I plan on running the Allo digi one into my emotiva xmc-2 preamp. Sounds like a great streamer for $177. With Roon I don’t need the other functions of the bluesound.


@THXULTRA Looking at the same stuff as you, as you know. Fun to see what we each find out. I think for now, I will keep using my SONOS stuff, then slowly replace with either Raspberry Pi stuff I assemble myself, or Allo stuff, and will make sure it is all RAAT so I can do all the grouping I want to like I did with SONOS. I also want the full MQA rendering. Right now, that is done via Meridian Explorer 2’s both at home and at the office, connected to a Mac Mini, and my old MacBook Pro via USB, respectively. It does not have the RAAT system, so is not “Roon Ready” and can’t be grouped. But it sounds good!

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I have come to the same conclusion that you have. I think the Sonos stuff will continue to work with Roon for some time also. Allo digi one is looking like the streamer I will try. Going to continue to do a little more research though before pulling the trigger. Seems like a great solution though for $177. Looked into buying the parts on my own and isn’t much difference so I will probably order from Allo. Have to see if I’m better off getting Diet pi installed though or Volumio installed on it. Would like full MQA rendering also but then I will have to get a DAC and do another A/D in my preamp (at least to use its room correction) so I will probably let roon handle MQA. Looking forward to hearing more about what you find. Been great talking with you.

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Yeah, I am thinking I can combine my Meridian DAC with the Raspberry or Allo (I like you think if it is only 77 more and I save a bunch of time, that might be worth it to me) and be able to do the full rendering in my main room. and then hoping that will include RAAT standard so I can then group that with the rest of the rooms. Once SONOS is in the rear view window. Until then, I can continue to use SONOS as I have, as the SONOS app should probably work for months. One other issue I have not addressed is showing my wife how she will have to switch control apps from SONOS to Roon. But, . . . she will like the money we save over upgrading all our SONOS stuff. You are ahead of me on the Diet Pi and Volumio stuff. I still have to learn about that. I don’t have room correction to deal with. And good talking to you to on this!

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Ya I figure just the digione Sound card and case from allo is $113 and then you still need the raspberry pi computer, power supply and sd card so easier to just get it all assembled and ready to go for $177. Not too hard to flash the OS onto the SD card and set it up but this way everything is all set. Only reason I can see to do my own is to get a Pi with more memory to future proof it a bit maybe (allo setup has 1gb you can get a pi4 with 4 gb for not much more money). Will be a huge savings for you doing multiple rooms figure even with the sonos discount the Allo’s are half the price and support hi res audio. Really surprised Sonos didn’t add hi res support to the latest products. Have to still get my Husband setup on Roon sure once he uses it he is really going to like it.

Get whatever software but once you get it, Come back here and get Ropieee. It is an amazing FREE (donations) software written and maintained by a member on here. SUPER easy and straight forward. He has even written a version that will let you use Spotify, Pandora, Amazon HD or really any Bluetooth Streaming service that is currently not supported by Roon. Go to the Ropieee section and check it out.

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Thanks for the advice I will have to check out Ropieee saw a few things about it on this site also.

I have just discovered that my new digione Signature and Pre Box S2 are basically incompatible at unfolding MQA because of the SPDIF output of the Digione. Is there no way to make these two play together? If not what is a good substitute for the Pre Box in the same price range?

Just switch to USB

But DigiOne just appears to have only SPDIF and toslink. Am I correct in that statement?

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Opps, you are correct.

MQA is not always past on via Spdif, only a few devices support it this way and not sure many DACs do at all.

It will be passed out by Spdif surely?

It can but as I said not all devices do and I know a lot of DACs that don’t except mqa this way at all only via USB.