MQA via Roon vs Bluesound OS

Just added a Bluesound Node 2i to my Naim 102/180.
Very happy with the sound.
Massive upgrade from the Logitech Transporter I was using previously.
I am wondering if there is any difference in sound quality between streaming Tidal MQA tracks via Roon vs from the Bluesound OS app.
Does the unfolding happen in exactly the same way? Or is Roon doing some of the work when I go through Roon vs the Node 2i doing all the work if I go through Bluesound OS?
My wife is currently still asleep so I can’t properly test this for myself via subjective listening - wondered what the technical explanation is.

MQA is by definition, MQA. (That’s the point) An end to end process to deliver an audio output analogous to the audio input. There should be no difference with an MQA DAC taking into consideration the limits of the final playback device or system.


I cant seem to hear any notable difference between the two methods. When looking at the signal path in Roon. i get the impression that Roon is doing the first unfold (88.2/96khz) and the BluOS device does the final filtering. However the Settings show that the devices should be doing both unfolding and rendering.
With BluOS as playback software the BluOS device for sure does the whole deal…

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You can configure Roon to pass MQA to your Node 2i untouched, in order to handle all unfolding there, just like via Bluesound, or do the first unfold via Roon, then let the Node 2i do the rest.
You decide with your ears, what’s best in your situation…

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Thanks @Marin_Weigel now my wife is up and I can test out both to see if there is any difference…

The advantage of using Roon for the first unfold (decode) is that you can use DSP and preserve the MQA signalling.