MQA via tidal through Roon

I’ve searched the forums up and down and haven’t been able to find an answer. I have the £20 monthly Tidal but can’t figure out if I can get MQA. My DAC is not MQA compatible it’s a Chord Chordette 2qute but I’ve read that Roon can decode/unfold before it reaches the DAC and so my 2qute should get the HiRes stream.
If someone could explain or at least point me to the threads that explain I’d be very happy
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Hello Phil, I have the 2Qute and play TIDAL Masters (MQA) through this; Roon performs the first unfold. You need to have the following settings:

If you connect directly using USB the settings are the same.

Please make the changes and play an MQA file, posting the Signal Path screen. If you play an album marked FLAC 48kHz 24bit, MQA 96kHz you should see something like this:

The 2Qute will give a green light.

Before you start to dive in and make setting changes … can you play a Tidal MQA track and then upload a screenshot of Roon’s signal path … and also one of Roon’s device setup for your DAC.

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That’s the thing, how do I know its MQA? Is the music I listen to going to be MQA?
Any Mobern Lovers MQA? any Sonics MQA? any Go Team! MQA? How do I find an MQA track?

There is a “masters” section if you go to Tidal through roon.

What Ged said plus this will also help …

Tidal tops 1Million Masters Tracks

The sound, man. The sound.