MQA weirdness: ALMA

ALMA: Ma peau aime
is a weird MQA album. It starts off as MQA 44,1kHz 24bit.
This is true for the first two tracks.
All the other tracks are not MQA and played as 44,1kHz 16bit.
Have you seen anything similar?

Yes, I spotted this too. Might be a TIDAL mistake and worth reporting to them.

It is MQA! That must be what the artist in the studio intended :slight_smile:

It’s possible, but it’s equally possible that TIDAL made a mistake. MQA does not authenticate at the album level.

There are quite a few Tidal albums that are of mixed format.

Interesting, It might be intentional but it feels like false advertisement. I do wonder how common it is. I have 2575 MQA albums in my list right now.

Based on the information provided, it is correct. The tracks are properly labeled. If there is a single’s release of a track, it could be in MQA format but the track may not be MQA formatted in the Album it belongs to. The Record Labels determine which albums and tracks are of the MQA format.
TIDAL support

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