MQA352Mhz files converted to 88Mhz by Roon? Why

i have the roon server on a powerful hardware and stream to my Elac DDP 2, which is capable to receive 354Mhz files.
So why is roon cutting it down to 88Mhz before transfer…??

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I suggest you look at how MQA works. MQA encoded files are not natively the resolution of the original rate shown. They are compressed down using MQA folding technique to be a sample rate of 44.1/24 , 44.2/16 or 48/24. The first stage that unfolds this is the decoding stage it’s always twice the base rate so you get 88.2 or 96. Roon performs the first stage in software or if you have an MQA DAC it will do this. The second stage referred to as rendering is only done on an MQA compatible DAC. This then upsamples to the Original rate and the DAC either plays at that rate or whatever the DAC manufacturers set and it applies bespoke filters. This stage is a black box and you have no idea what this doing really. Roon is doing what its supposed to for the MQA chain. You don’t have an MQA DAC I your chain therefore you get 88.1.

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I would check the Roon setup for your ELAC DAC. On the MQA setting make sure it says decoder and renderer. Settings>Audio>Gear on your ELAC device>Device Setup. If your ELAC can truly handle MQA up to 352kHz then Roon will not do anything with the stream other than authenticate.

Here is a screen shot from my setup.

It says MQA coming soon on their website , so not sure it is MQA capable yet.

Product Specifications
Digital Inputs: USB, (2) Coaxial, (2) Optical, AES/EBU, (2) I2S (Alchemy & HDMI)
Streaming Inputs: Ethernet, Bluetooth, WIFI
Supported Services: PCM, DSD, DoP, ROON endpoint, Spotify Connect, AirPlay option, MQA capable (MQA Coming Soon)


@CrystalGipsy, Well there you go. As you accurately described it doing exactly what it’s designed to do with a MQA stream on a non MQA DAC.

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