MQutest or Naim DAC V1 or Formation Audio

I am looking at changing my DAC.

I have a B&W Formation Audio which I picked up open box for £299 - and which I could return - and a HiFi Berry feeding a Chord Mojo. I have Vinyl, Roon and Qobuz. My CDs are in the garage.

My amp is a Naim Nait 5Si and speakers are B&W 603s.

The Mojo is not really practical as a main system and needs to return to full time headphone duty before its battery dies.

So I am now using the B&W Formation Audio as a streamer - to its great credit sounds remarkably like the Mojo. I really don’t think I could tell them apart. It’s also very functional and switches intuitively between sources, to the delight of my wife. The App isn’t that bad either though Roon it ain’t.

I have no idea what electronics is the the Formation Audio, B&W simply say high end, and part of me thinks I’m lucky to have it, and the other part of me thinks I’m missing something.

I am eyeing up an open box Qutest, an ex-display DAC V1 or just possibly something exotic from Topping or Denafrips.

Which sound best and should I look somewhere else entirely?