MS200 Endpoint Support

OK - I’m in - I’m a late early adopter! I purchased my only Sooloos item today (MS200 - new) to run with future Roon. The new Roon system seems very exciting, the perceived flexibility of the system and the openness of the Roon team combined with the low risk purchase makes this a no brainer for me.

Over to you Roon.

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My understanding is that you can use a Meridian based end point and tuck the ‘roon server’ away somewhere. However, you could also connect Roon on a nuc or Mac mini directly to a dac.

Although Meridian gear is great, you won’t need it for Roon necessarily.
(Just in case this is not clear and to avoid you finding out in May when Roon comes out that you a) need something to run Roon on (as an ms200 won’t do that) and b) once you have that you could choose to use only that device.

Of course the enthusiasm is great ( and shared) :smile: .

Yep - I will purchase a dedicated server at some point, but I have a decent desktop that will cope during the early days. Do you think there is a better endpoint then the MS200 at that price point?

I guess that would depend on what you are hooking it up to.

You know I can’t let you get away with an answer like that!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Please tell some more!


Looking over at the HH, you are using a G68, right? Which would mean optical out of the ms200 into the G68.
Will sound quite good (I used to have that).

You could consider using an intel NUC as an alternative, which will be around that price point. However, I would expect the analogue out of that would be less good than the MS200. You could try hdmi out from a nuc over your hd621.
The issue is that the G68 won’t have high res USB.

In your case I probably would also go for an ms200. Added benefit is that it matches nicely with the rest of your Meridian gear.

Did you think a PC with an Explorer 2 would sound better with analogue out? Do you have a system in mind for yourself yet?

The explorer 2 would sound better then the pc analogue out for sure. That is what its for :smiley: . And give you mqa support in the future as well.

My setup will be a dedicated streamer nuc i5, 16gb, 250gb ssd, running win2012 server with audiophile optimizer and Roon (withe the current jriver running on it as backup).
It will connect directly to my stereo set consisting of a dddac and linkwitz pluto’s.
Over the network it will connect to an id40 in an 861v6, which has 5 scanspeak a4 monitors and a sub connected to it (via cinepro power amp).
Roon will slot in quite easily in my setup.

Mqa wise i am hoping op Roon software support for my stereo set and a single card addition on my 861, adding high res usb and mqa. But the 861 mqa support is still unclear.

Sorry I meant would you expect the explorer 2 with analogue out to sound better than the MC200 with digital optical out? Is there a good reason to run Windows Server?

Your system does sound good!


Whilst the MS200 looks like an ideal solution for us moving from Sooloos-land I have a couple of questions:

  1. How comprehensive will the support be? In particular will it include the Meridian Comms bits - source selection and volume control.
  2. Does anyone know where the upsampling happens in Sooloos - core or source? If it’s in the core then the MS200 as an end point would loose that feature.

At which point the MS200 is good but is it worth the investment if you don’t have already? I could extend my current RPi/I2S to include a SongCast receiver and get a lot of functions for a lot less (and add an AirPort receiver at the same time).

Just a thought.


Meridian Comms is supported just as well as it was in Sooloos 2.x.

upsampling happens in software only if the hardware endpoint doesn’t support it.

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Does anyone know where the upsampling happens in Sooloos - core or source? If it’s in the core then the MS200 as an end point would loose that feature.

The upsampling and apodising filter is part of the MS200 hardware, so it shouldn’t change with Roon.


I could extend my current RPi/I2S…

What I2S sound module are you using for your RPi/I2S setup?