MS200 set up question and power supply

I hastily bought an MS200 on eBay without a power supply. Anybody have any ideas where I can get something that will work?

Also, a set up question. I want to take the laptop running Roon core out of the listening room. Am I right in thinking that I need a long ethernet cable to the MS200 (in the listening room) which then connects to my DAC via toslink?


Doesn’t address either of your questions, but FYI I had to assign the MS200 a static IP as it continually fell off the network without it, requiring a power cycle each time. Only piece of gear in my reasonably large AV-oriented household that needs that.

Thanks. Good to know.

The brick supplied by Meridian is 12V 2A switched-mode unit. That’s massively over-specced as the input power marked on the MS200 itself is 5W max. In fact, I’m pretty sure the Prime PSU with 12V 0.5A outputs is designed with the likes of the MS200 in mind.

Personally, I’d go for a linear PSU. I’ve just tried the following 12V 0.5A unit that I bought a while ago which appears to be fine.

If you have no other network infrastructure in your listening room then yes, you’ll have to run a long ethernet cable (and connect the DAC via Toslink).

Brilliant. Thanks.

I have two MS200’s and no static IP address. They work perfect. Run them off a BASIC switch to isolate from your modem.

Am doing – doesn’t work for me. Having been a Meridian dealer in the past, and a long-time Meridian owner, I have to say I’m not at all surprised that our MS200s are behaving differently. :wink:

Are running the latest firmware on your MS200s?

I found that an update (last year?) made my MS200s far more stable.

@Graeme_Allan Presumably you consider your DAC superior to one in the MS200 ? Just wondering why the DAC is necessary at all. As far as static IP addresses go, I’ve never got on with them and never needed them. Reserving an address in my router is all I do. My MS200 and MS600 only ever disappeared when they had the old software and only under Roon, never with just Sooloos. Under current software they are stable in Roon even if Sooloos Core is active. They just need reactivating in Roon if I’ve been using them under Sooloos.

No, I don’t consider the MDAC superior to the MS200, I’m coming from a point of complete ignorance and some confusion as to what the MS200 really is, apart from a Roon endpoint. I’d love to use the MS200 as a dac and lose the MDAC.

So to use the MS200 I’d need a mini jack to RCA adaptor?

Yes. The same jack does optical out.

Yes I’ve used MS200 with both optical out straight into an amp via mini Toslink to full toslink cable, plus analogue out (which can be fixed or variable) via 3.5mm jack to two phono cable.

The 200 arrived today and, surprise, the power supply was there! Fantastic.

So, I’ve got the MS200 playing via the analogue outs to my amp but neither my laptop or iPad can control the volume (apart from mute). The volume control window is there but doesn’t affect the sound. Can anyone help with that?

EDIT: ignore that, it’s solved.

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I do have another problem though. The MS200 drops out at various intervals and I can only regain a connection by re powering up the MS200.

Currently I have the 200 connected to the router and my laptop running Rooncore connected via wifi.

I’ve tried to hard wire via Ethernet my laptop to the router (and directly to the 200) but the MS200 is not available on the network.

Any ideas?

[quote=“Graeme_Allan, post:14, topic:11619”]
I’ve tried to hard wire via Ethernet my laptop to the router but the MS200 is not available on the network.
[/quote]Did you switch off wifi support on the laptop to force it to use wired?

[quote=“Graeme_Allan, post:14, topic:11619”]
I’ve tried to hard wire via Ethernet my laptop directly to the 200) but the MS200 is not available on the network.
[/quote]Without a connection to the router (DHCP server) DHCP will not be managing the IP addresses so you would need to manually specify a static IP address for both the MS200 and the PC’s wired NIC.

Also I’m not sure if the MS200 supports a direct connection without using a crossed eithernet cable.

Thanks, Carl. Yes, I turned off WiFi on the laptop and the MS200 disappears from the list in Networked.

Are you using a switch as suggested, so that only the switch is connected to the router, with everything else running through the switch ?

Hi Chris - can you tell me what I’m looking for in a switch? Just so that I know what I’m buying. Thanks.

Hi Graeme, just a basic network switch, nothing fancy. You can buy them in Maplins etc.
This just isolates your network from the router.
Netgear 10/100 works fine

Thanks. I’ve now got the TP Link 5 port 10/100 switch - TL-SF1005D. It seems to be very plug and play, i.e. nothing I can bugger up, but my Macbook (with RoonCore) still can’t see the MS200 if I turn off the wi-fi.

I’d be very grateful for any further help. The connection between the MS200 and the computer can break within a minute of playing some music, which is maddening. I can only get things up and running again by turning off and on the MS200.