MSB renderer not recognized as certified [Solved: Reflash DAC firmware]

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TS251, 8Go

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Switch TP link
Router fiber with DHCP

Connected Audio Devices

MSB DAC IV with renderer MK2 on RJ45 to the router

Library Size

600 albums

Description of Issue

My MSB renderer is not recognized as roon ready by roon
I can use it with mconnect , so it’s working

Roon is seeing it in that picture.Just click Activate. It’s just not seeing what model it is. It will still work if you activate it then you can select it as zone to play to. Support can advise on why it’s not recognising the model.

Thank you for your response
I can not activate it, it says it is not roon ready :frowning:

Oh yes sorry my bad French for not reading that. Are you on the latest firmware for the DAC?

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I have the solution
It was the firmware of the dac that was corrupted
I reflash it and it s Now working :slight_smile:

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