MSB Renderer V2 directly connected to PC with Roon core

Hi all.
Please, help me to clarify this point.
I know that the MSB Renderer V2 isn´t yet Roon certified. But when this process will be finished it will be a Roon Endpoint. Do You think that it will then be able to work diretly connected to the Jcat Net Femto card of my PC?
I mean without a switch or router in between?
Right now, sometimes it does and sometimes/days it doesn´t. When it does, Roon sees the device, MSB Renderer, it locks the signal and I can listen till the end of my listening session withou any issues. But, most of the times, it doesn´t. I´ve tried all I can: fixed IP, auto DHCP IP, etc, and nothing gives me a stable behavior.
I already installed/configured the for Windows but it doesn´t solve the problem, so I uninstalled it.
When I run ipconfig /all, the LAN port where the MSN Renderer is connected shows the ip, even when I don´t have any connection to my home router, wihch, BTW, has a total differente network ip 192.168…
Of course if connect them with a switch and also to the my home router it works ok but the sound…, forget it. When directly connected is much, much better, believe me.
Can You guys tell what am I doing wrong?
I also have a MSB Transport, which is Oppo based and Roon Ready, and it works nicely and all the times directly connected to my PC LAN ports. No switch or router needed in between.
Why doesn´t the same happens with the MSB Renderer V2?
Thank You for your help.

OK I believe that maybe I couldn’t make myself understand. My bad, but I still need Your help because my problem persists.
Trying to make things easier: can anybody please explain me why my MSB Transport works perfectly with Roon directly connected to my PC port LAN?
No router, no switch is needed.
Thank you all.
Best regards.