Much more SSD access after upgraded to Roon 1.8

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Linux/Roon 1.8 build 756

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It’s been almost a week after I upgraded from 1.7 to 1.8, and so far I can still see much more SSD (core storage) access than ever, anyone know what’s been working behind the stage? Thank you.


Hi Jim,
I use a Mac Mini, not Linux.
On the Mac if a program is in need of memory and it finds not enough of that in direct memory it use the hard disk as a swap file. On my computer I have 16 Gig internal memory and that is more than enough for Roon. I.8 is in that respect better than 1.7. I have a big database but the Mac Mini is exclusively for Music reproduction with help from Roon.
Short: writing to the harddrive means in case of Roon using the harddrive as swap for memory.
I hope that to enjoy your music and Roon as server,

Hi Michel,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Sorry I forgot to mention two points for your reference:

  1. I saw lot more access while not playing music. (Roon 1.7 vs. 1.8)
  2. I also have 16GB memory, too. (no hardware changes except updating Roon from 1.7 to 1.8.)


Hi Jim,
You are right, ROON is not only busy when music plays, but on the background Roon analyse all your music and looks for interrelations and references, in short she aggregates all that in her eyes seems important for understanding and enjoying the music you listen to.
I see on my computer that, when ROON has completed all her search, mostly over night the use of memory is less. More: my impression is that when all these activities has finished the sound of music is better. But that is a subjective impression not scientific.
Printscreens added:
Use of memory now on my Mac Mini,
And all the music albums and tracks now on my harddisks
Thank you, michel

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