Mulligan for Box Set & Composition IDing?

I have a 10-disk set (classical) that has managed to get horribly messed up. It was one of my first Roon imports, so user error probability is high. The set remains unidentified, and compositions are mis-IDed (wrong Works names, multiple composers).None of Roon’s edit features correct the situation.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be much chance of finding metadata with this boxset, at least according to MusicBrainz. But I at least want the compositions to be identified correctly in Roon.

Anyway, I essentially want to start over with these ten. My best guess for a fix is to export the offending discs, then physically remove them from the Roon library, then run them through a tagging process, then put them back in the Roon Storage folder for fresh analysis.

Is there a more efficient process?

If you want to start over, then that is the most efficient process.

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Okay, just checking and thanks. I wound up deleting everything. I’ll dig up the originals in time. But I think I made the majority of my tagging mistakes on this set, including pre-Roon tags.