Multi Channel Music Modes

As someone with a 5.1 setup, I want Roon to apply processing to stereo signals so that all channels are leveraged.

The idea is from my AVR which has several music modes. Stereo, Dolby, DTS, matrix, multi ch stereo, virtual, etc. These modes use all the available channels. There are a lot of songs that sound wonderful in a certain mode, and then others that don’t. So the implementation would be best served by allowing one to be saved to a song’s playback capability.

The real benefit by doing it this way instead of through an AVR is standardization across platforms and not having to manually change the AVR mode for each song. I believe each company has their own proprietary processing, but I would hope it would’ve feasible for roon to license some or create new ones. Eg using 5.1 channels to send left and right channels through rear speakers too is immediately helpful in getting in the sweet spot with a lot of songs and would seem feasible.

Thanks for the consideration



You should search the forum for more info.

Thank you, I have seen that page. My main request is to be able to tie an up mixing mode to an individual song as not all songs sound good when converted from 2 to 5 channels, but some sound amazing, and it gets old switching the mode on the receiver. I’m a noob in the audiophile world though, so maybe I’m missing something obvious. I’ll go searching when I have time. Thanks