Multi composer issue

so, another issue & question

here’s an album by Pogues. in the composer section we have some problem, two composers that are merged in one composer.

but the point is that in my settings i have asked roon to merge its metadata and my file tags. here, roon has ignored completeley my tags, and has replaced them with null (most of them) and/or wrong values.
so, i’ve read in the coomunity posts many answers saying that roon’s merging is “tricky”, and i can accept this (but i would like more explanations…).
but i think that the rule:
my tag + roon null metadata = 0
is not tricky, and is not satisfactory.

it turns out that i have TONS of tracks with composer tags that are completely ignored by roon because it relies on ALLMUSIC (right?) which is totally unsatisfactory (expecially in non-mainstream non-english music).

finally, at album or track level, i cannot ask roon to give preference to my tags (with the exception of main artist, title…).

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What’s your “Show Composer Credits” set to? I’m not saying that this is the answer, but I’m curious to see if it helps.

@Niccolo_Terzi Hi Niccolò. Please would you let us know three things?

  1. Is this album identified by Roon (I’m pretty sure that it is).
  2. What is the name of the album?
  3. Please would you post a screenshot of your file tags for track 4?



  1. yes it is identified
  2. album: If I should fall from grace with God

Actually I added the composer tags for this album after i noticed the error in roon. i thought i could overwrite it in this way.

Yes it did! my fault, i was looking in the library settings…

Thanks. I found the problem and have let Rovi know.