Multi-disc selection menu in ARC

In the Roon app, both desktop and mobile, you can select the disc number in multi disc sets :

It would be great if this option was also available in ARC. As of now, there is no mention of the track or disc number.

This would be nice but I’m out of votes :slight_smile:

For context, these are related:

(Nothing but the first post in the following one)

Hi Suedkiez!

The track number situation is not exclusive to ARC. The standard Roon app doesn’t have them either on iPhone. I agree it would be a nice feature to add, but I understand that screen real estate is rare on mobile. Also, track numbers for large box set doesn’t mean very much.

I saw the other post you mention, concerning multi-disc appearing as one in ARC, but I wanted to make a “formal” suggestion out of it.

I’m happy that you created the formal one, I just had the other ones in mind and I don’t like losing context (it’s a work habit…), so that was the reason to link them - if only for the benefit of information flow to the other threads :slight_smile:

Indeed the track numbers are the same issue in the regular remote and I don’t understand why we can’t have them as an option. They existed up to Roon 1.7 and were removed with 1.8, and I never saw a statement if this was an oversight/bug or on purpose. Real estate is limited, but depending on the scenario I might prefer track numbers over seeing the whole title, for instance

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