Multi-disc sets are making me unhappy

First, the good. Roon often does a remarkably good job dealing with multi-disc sets, despite the fact that even respected audio companies do a remarkably poor job with their metadata. But sometimes Roon doesn’t handle this task well at all.

Today I am halfway done ripping a 10-disc set of historic broadcasts by the New York Philharmonic. I braced myself when starting because I expected trouble. For ripping I am using dBpoweramp, which checks in with MusicBrainz for the metadata. I have also carefully edited the “Disc number” mp3 tags to be 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, etc (I am blithely assuming Roon recognizes this notation). The flacs for each disc live in a separate folder with a distinct name; not sure this matters for Roon, but it can’t hurt.

After ripping and copying the first two discs to my library I was happy to see that Roon handled them very well. They were automatically shown as two discs of a single large album, just what I want. So I forged ahead and continued with discs 3, 4, 5, 6 using the same procedure. Roon now shows a single album but there’s no trace of any music from discs 1 through 4. Only 5 and 6 remain. Huh? No amount of metadata editing within Roon seems to help this sorry situation.

I’m happy to erase the files, re-edit the mp3 tags, and try again. But I don’t know which tags are consulted by Roon to properly assemble a multi-disc set into a whole. Any suggestions?

Never mind, the Roon staff already answered my question very completely at I followed these instructions and all is well now. Go Roon!

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