Multi home user

I live in three different houses, one of which is in Spain. Can I use one Roon account for more than one house?

Welcome to the forum Michael. You can use one Roon license at different locations, but only can have one active Roon core in use at a time. See the knowledge base link above…


Thanks Robert - that’s very simple, very clear

You bet. Enjoy. Best.


I have just subscribed to roon. This was my first post. Your helpful and swift response made me feel very welcome!
Thanks again


An important point to note, which as a new user may not appear as such, is that roon stores every change you make in a database (your library, playlists, favourite tracks etc).
At bottom of the advice page it says
If you want to transfer your Roon installation and preserve your edits, playlists, and favorites , you’ll need to create a backup and restore it on your new computer. You can read more about creating and restoring backups here.

Each location that you start roon up, if you did nothing, would be distinct; so that album you added whilst in location 1 wouldn’t be in your library at location 2 or 3. The Backup and restore process keeps the libraries in synch.

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I am hoping for a mobile use update in 1.6 - that way one could theoretically have the Roon Server at home and play music wherever one goes, also in a second appartment or at work, holiday wherever.

Interesting. What is the 1.6 update all about?

Roon updates come out in increments the next is 1.6 apart from saying the iPad pro update is being worked on there is no information on what is included.

Thanks Ged.