Multi-part composition grouping - option

I’m a dabbler, not an aficionado, in classical music, so I might misuse terminology.

When I’m listening to a single album, Roon groups play behavior by composition, not by track. On my screen right now, Bach by Lisa Batiashvili is featured as

1-3: Concerto for oboe & . . .
4: Ich steh mit einem . . .
5-7: Concerto for violin, strings . . .

These groupings are honored by Roon’s playback in various shuffle permutations. Could it an option that I turn on and off?

When shuffling classical music, or adding classical chunks, I can see the value in the feature. In my case, I have a preference for more schizophrenic listening. I tend to want to play one “track” at a time and want to changing the aural temperature once every four or eight minutes. When I get in a trap where twenty-five minutes are devoted to one piece (or, sometimes, a movie soundtrack), it’s disruptive to me instead of seamless.

Is there - or, if there isn’t, may I request - a checkbox that reads ‘disable multi-part’? Or, even better: an additional option that I could enable under Play Preferences (so you don’t have to enable it) to add the blue boxes Play Now (Track Only) and Add Next (Track Only)?

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I found one, which is to edit the album, all the way down there is a checkbox that says ’ disable multi-part’. Haven’t found a generic off-switch yet. I never want multi-part. Ever. So a kill switch would be nice.

I’m just finding this thread but let me slip in a comment here. I understand where the previous posters come from and I’m all for flexibility - but please make this an option so different users can configure this behavior based on their preferences. I’m personally a fan of radio queuing entire works (multi-part) at a time, and frankly it was the ONE feature that made me buy a lifetime subscription over competitor products.

Don’t take this KILLER feature away please :slight_smile:

yeah, +1 for modular settings