Multi-part grouping problems (a third album)

Here’s a newish TIDAL album imported recently:

The Romeo and Juliet composition, a standard piece, is disaggregated for some reason. There are three versions (CD, Vinyl, and digital download) available for ID selection. None properly mate Romeo and the Juliets.

Looks like R&J should group based upon the consistency of work titles, but it just doesn’t. Grouping options don’t help.

I am a big fan of Martha Argerich.

I don’t know how this one can be solved in Tidal. But maybe a few comments will shed some light. I had an awful lot of trouble with this album in a local library (and Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet in general). There are 5 versions of Romeo & Juliet from Prokofiev:

Op. 64 - Complete ballet
Op. 64bis - Suite No, 1
Op. 64ter - Suite No. 2
Op. 101 - Suite No. 3
Op. 75 - 10 pieces for piano

None of these match in any way with these unique Babayan/Argerich transcriptions.

In the end I WORK/PART’d it and made a (false) match against Op. 75 as the best of a bad job. This is one of the reasons why I have repeatedly asked that WORK titles for multi-part compositions can be user defined. In this case I would like to be able to group this one of a kind suite of piano transcriptions to Op. 75 but then change roon’s assigned WORK title in some way so that I know what I am dealing with.

In general I have had a great deal of trouble with all ballet from all composers. All the famous ballets have “suites”, in many cases several versions as with the Prokofiev. But my experience is that it is the luck of the draw what roon will match against (complete ballet or any one of a number of alternative suites) and then it is tagging hell to un-entangle the mess that results.

I can only imagine the situation is worse with Tidal. I hope your case can be resolved and that it is a case that triggers a review of the ballet meta-data coming from rovi as in general it is not being done very well.

For myself, as a general rule, I don’t edit the metadata for any streaming albums I add to my library.

I don’t edit TIDAL albums either. I just figured Roon and/or Rovi would want it to display correctly, particularly since this can’t be blamed on user intervention.

But, I’ve been wrong before. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a Tidal subscription. I was under the impression the meta data couldn’t be user edited. Is it possible?

It can be “edited” within Roon. But for me, that’s a mysterious and unreliable process.

As John said, once a Tidal album is in your library you can edit it as though it was a local CD rip. I don’t do that because I don’t want to expose myself to the potential that Tidal changes might wipe my edits away.

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Just for my understanding, realistically this sort of case needs to be resolved where? Tidal or rovi? My interest is that if it’s resolved at rovi level for example there would be downstream knock-on benefits in local libraries.

Depends on whom you ask. Roon will likely claim it is a database problem. A user will say that Roon strapped on the job to integrate metadata, so it’s their job to handle exceptions. And Rovi may say something like, " the metadata are fine for that album."

And round and round it goes…

But it’s not Tidal? I mean in the sense that they are using rovi like everyone else and what arrives at roon hasn’t been processed in someway?

I can’t answer that, sorry.