Multi-Protocol Sync

I think this is already in the works, but would like to register my interest in multi-protocol sync. I use Linn devices in a number of rooms, and would love to be able to sync with RAAT-enabled (or even AirPlay) devices in additional rooms.

I’m sure it is not easy to get the timing right across various protocols, but is there any hope for a solution in the near future?

I would think if it’s not possible to keep things in sync it’s never going to happen. Nothing worse than a feature that is inherently broken due to technical reasons. If it was doable it would be done already…asking again and again (I’ve seen this requested before) is not going to solve anything.

Well, keeping things in sync is the feature, really, so you’re obviously right that it won’t happen if it’s impossible. Past comments from Roon indicated this is something they intend to tackle eventually, so I was curious as to whether they have in fact concluded that it’s impossible.

At best we might hope for a something like a multiple Zone play start option…but my main point is that others have asked already and I don’t recall any Roon response with [On the road map] so banging away in yet another feature request thread isn’t going to make things happen faster if at all.

And fwiw having many zones even if all RAAT stay in sync is a challenge - a nice to have but in practise I have yet to see it last too long before I give up and restart the stream

I suppose time will tell. No more banging away for now.

For me first step would be the possibility to group Chromecast end-points with in the Roon app!
Before I start dreaming of cross platforms / multi-protocol Sync.