Multi Roon zones playing different music simultaneously

So, I have a Roon core running on a Windows PC. Works Great.

I also have three Roon endpoints (Allo Digi Sig to Bifrost Dac driving Marantz 2275, PI2AES to Modi driving a Pioneer SX1250, Pi2AES/502 Dac direct to Sansui 8000).

I currently have the same source(Tidal) driving all three grouped together. Works Great. Whole house sound.

Question: If I want to have the ability to play different music simultaneously to different zones, do I have to have a source for each? EX: Tidal for one zone, Music collection on a Nas on the next, etc.

I suspect I need a separate source for each endpoint if I separate for independent listening.

Question #2: Can I have multiple people logged in and using Roon concurrently?

Thank You,

Question 1: No, the only source you need is the Roon Core. That will play streams to all your endpoints independently if you wish. Content can come from your Roon Library and/or Tidal (via the Roon integration). Try it.

Question 2: Roon is licensed to one account, and the owner must log in to Roon. It’s a persistent log in, so once done, Roon will be available and can be used by anyone in the household. Each person in your household can have their own profile - to track their music history if they wish. See here:

Thank You, Geoff

My favorite source is Tidal. Now I have to program roon core and create many groups with different sources. This is really no problem.

6 months ago, I had none of this. Now I have 4 Rasberry Pis with audio hats and multiroom playback using all of my old gear, I love it.

Incidentally, two of the Pis are wireless to boot. Work as well as the wired. At least the bitrate and depth are the same regardless of the median.