Multi-zones with different endpoint products from different manufacturers

Im trying to set up a mult-zone system in my house and wanted to know if the following Roon endpoints will work where at times i would like all zones to be playing the same music stream.
My Roon core is on an iMac which is hardline connected to Lumin D2 which is connected to my home network. These are on the 2nd floor. The remaining zones are located on the first floor where i only have wireless internet and 2 Denon receivers driving indoor and an outdoor systems. Can i play a Lumin D2 Tidal/Roon stream via WiFi and listen to that stream on 1 Denon with an Apple TV endpoint and the other Denon with an Elac Discovery endpoint?

Hi Eric,

You can only group similar zones within Roon. This KB page sets out the different types of zones.

In your case the Lumin D2 and Elac Discovery are RAAT zones but the Apple TV is an Airplay zone.

If you replaced the Apple TV with a wireless RAAT endpoint then you should be able to group all three.

Thanks for that quick answer and link andybob. I understand now the restrictions of simultaneous zone play.

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