Multichannel albums hiding stereo versions?

I just setup a Rock server. I have 2 libraries - 1 for stereo music and the 2nd for multichannel music.
If I happen to have a particular album in both libraries (both a stereo version and a 6 channel version) when I search for the album in Roon it only returns the multichannel version. The stereo version is nowhere to be found. How do I fix this?

I tried selecting the 3 dots next to the album title, selecting Edit and then selecting the album title option that has “5.1” in it. But, still the stereo version remains hidden from the search results. If I manually scroll through the albums I see both versions. So, why doesn’t it show up in the search results?

Never mind then.

OK, my apologies.
(There’s a version link that shows all the version)

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