Multichannel dsd up conversion

Ok so now dsd up conversion is an established part of Roon. A simple question has anybody managed to do it successfully fo multichannel pcm?
I’ve tried with the 2 computers I have and failed miserably, with values of 0.1 to 0.3 being shown at the top of the signal chain. They are
i7 quad core 4700T plus 16GB, running Linux &
7i5 nuc 8GB running rock.

If no one has done it yet, then perhaps a feature request. To modify the custom dsd upconverting settings to include a filter for the no of channels, so that it can be turned off for multi channel.

It plays havoc with radio feature which happily trundles along upconverting stereo stuff until the radio chooses a multichannel track and it fails to play it.