Multichannel DTS identification


Very pleased with the latest release because Roon now plays my DTS FLAC’s in multichannel correctly via my Onkyo receiver. My only minor gripe is the file identification -

Is there any metadata in these files that could identify it as not actually 2 channel ?

Thanks Team

I create custom tag “multichannel” for albums like these.

Tagging is not the issue, the identification by Roon is… I’m sure technically it is a stereo file but can Roon show me that on the now playing screen ?

Roon is not performing any DTS decoding. On Roon’s end, the audio remains two channel 16 bit 44.1 kHz, so that is what Roon reports. Roon has no means to detect that the embedded DTS may be decoded to multichannel downstream.


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I put DTS in the version screen as I can only play them on my main system which is DTS capable.

Ok thanks…

Can you tell me where you got these multichannel DTS files? I have about 25 Quadradisks but no access to a CD-4 decoder. If you decoded these yourself, why the conversion to DTS? Why not save to multichannel FLAC? If I could get a CD-4 decoder, that’s what I’d do. I’m contemplating doing exactly that using a Focusrite multichannel ADC for my SQ disks using a Surround Master SQ decoder.

Mine is Bonn9e Raite Roadtested DTS CD

There are thousands of these conversions out there on the interwebs. Some are quad conversions, some are actual DTS CD commercial releases, and some are homemade upconversions.

I see. I thought you were somehow creating your own. I own pretty much every commercial DTS CD release and I’ve already ripped those no problem. I’ve also started to do multi-channel needle drop copies of my SQ disks using a SurroundMaster SQ decoder and a Focusrite USB interface. So far, that’s working great. To do Quadradisks, I’d need to buy a vintage decoder, cartridge and stylus. There are a bunch on eBay that I’m considering.

I have a DTS CD of Bonnie Raitt Road Tested and some tracks play fine on my Bluesound Pulse 2 whilst others just give me the hash noise.
Is there a way within Roon to detect and process DTS. Music files.

I appreciate this is a low priority case.

I can see Roon has merged 2 versions of this album somehow hence CD tracks play… I’ll need to sort this out.

Hi @Chrislayeruk,

I’ve have moved your post into this existing feature request topic (I see you’ve already posted in it so it’s probably worth scanning are as refresher).

The situation has not changed; Roon does not detect DTS CD rips (I recommend appending [DTS] to the folder name) neither does it support DTS decoding, but it can transport the DTS stream bit-perfectly to a compatible multichannel DTS decoder.

Thanks, that explains it. I had a CD and DTS Version mixed together. I have sorted them out manually now.

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