Multichannel FLACS via HDMI and Yamaha AVR not works anymore with Roon 1.8

I have Yamaha Rx-V6A with 5.2.1 speaker configuration connected to INTEL NUC Windows 11 PC via HDMI. After Roon 1.8 update mulitchannel flacs not work. Stereo works. Problem remain for both local files and Qobuz. Known that Yamaha is not supported by Roon but older version of Roon works fine by setting sampling rate as maximum supported. Problem exist with all tested windows audio settings like 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos for home theatre. I’am ver unhappy because PC and Roon is just used for mutichannel playback.

Best Regards

Hey Kari, can you try rebooting the Yamaha? That helped some other folks, so it might do the trick.

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