Multichannel HDMI using DietPi on RPi3

@Dan_Knight and others, the title says it all. Is this doable beyond 16/48 or is there still a limitation in the ALSA mixer to prevent higher sampling rates and frequency? Thanks. JCR

Hi Jeffrey,

We were able to achieve 16bit/192KHz with a patch in our previous 4.4 kernel.
Our current kernel (4.9) does not have this patch, as its untested.

I’ll create a ticket and see if we can improve available output freq/depth on the 4.9 kernel:

Thanks, @Dan_Knight. I might ask: if you are doing the heavy lifting to get to 16/192 for multichannel, do you think you can get to 24/192 for multichannel? JCR

We had issues with it last time I believe (white noise), but i’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

Hello, @Dan_Knight. Just thought I’d check in to see if you had any opportunity to further troubleshoot HDMI multichannel. (Sorry, I don’t really know how much time you have to dedicate to your DietPi project or what other priorities for it you have). Thanks. JCR

Hi Jeffrey,

Apologies, i’ve still not had a chance to look into this yet, and probably wont be any time soon. 9 day old son, many sleepless nights and days lol :slight_smile:

With the limited time I do have, I’am using it to prioritize bug fixes and keep DietPi running at the moment.

Hey Daniel,

Happy days – congratulations! Enjoy this special time as much as you can – DietPi will take care of itself just fine. :wink:


Many congrats, @Dan_Knight! Much fun. Little sleep. Enjoy! They grow up fast. JCR

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