Multichannel Music (for download or streaming)?

Contrary to my ‘normal’ posting, this will be a very short post.

I am very interested in Multichannel Music (5.1, 4.0, etc). But I have never found a proper, legal resource for this.
I don’t have a blu-ray or sa-cd player, and (if avoidable) don’t intend to have one.

**Where to purchase or stream such multi-channel files ? **
Does anyone have a pointer for me ? Honestly speaking, I’m quite sick to have to resort to less-legal solutions…Just want to enjoy this content, and support the creators of this content…

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Here’s a start.

Find HD Music let’s you search on line for music files you can purchase and download. You can restrict your search to Albums that are available in multichannel sound. Links are provided for search results.

Thanks both ! It seems that the situation hasn’t improved much, since a couple of years ago :frowning: .
All I see is smallish shops, offering a very limited catalog of (how shall I put it…) ‘niche’ releases.

None of the linked shops have for instance, the mother-of-all popular multichannel releases : Pink Floyd - Darkside Of The Moon. (I do have the physical disc - this was just an example). Exactly the same with other, pretty popular releases. Bummer :slight_smile: .

I really hoped for an online shop with MCH files (a la Qobuz, iTunes, etc), or alternatively a streaming service, offering a wider selection of popular-ish MCH music. Apparently, this is not an interesting market for service providers…

I guess I will need to buy Bluray/SACD players, physical discs, rip them, and store the discs away afterwards. And the ripping of them is, AFAIK, not a legal solution. But at least one, that seems to be morally ‘right’ somewhat…

Thanks anyway for your contributions; keep them coming if you know of something nice :slight_smile: !

Well if you ever get sued for ripping your own discs, I’ll represent you pro bono…

Oh, you should know I’m not a lawyer. :slight_smile:

That’s a very generous offer, thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .
I know ripping is not illegal, at least for normal CD’s, and in the country I live in.

But for SACD’s, this is certainly a different story. In order to rip a SACD, you will need to get around the anticopy-protection. And that is an illegal act.
For DVD : normally the same; anti-copy protections are applied.

For BluRay, I’m not so sure if that is copy protected. I guess so (anyone?). I just don’t have a player because, well, I’m not interested in physical disc very much :slight_smile: . But if that’s what it takes, then I’ll do so…

Ripping CDs is fine. Ripping SACDs requires loading alternative software on certain players. Ripping DVD Audio discs can be done with software called DVD Audio Extractor. I think that will also work with Blu-rays. There are various ways of ripping Blu-rays that preserve both audio and video in a MKV file that can be played on various devices.

You won’t find many popular albums available to download in multichannel. There are lots of Classical albums in multichannel.

My perception is that ripping Blu-ray music discs requires breaking the protection before using dvd audio extractor. Dvd audio does not.

Ideally the disc should be the license for loading into music player. Disc spinners are not always the preferred playback and optical discs can be a nice archive with art etc.

You may be right about Blu-rays, though I thought I’d read that it can now do it by itself. I once ripped several opera DVDs and extracted the soundtracks for my wife. I think I used some sort of demuxing software. I don’t remember the procedure.

Thanks again. I actually do have (and use) DVDAudio Extractor. But thanks for the tip :slight_smile: .

Essentially, it is a tool that allows you to very easily circumvent the copy protection, and then decrypt the files on the disc.
But the simple fact that it is so easy to do, does not mean that you’re doing legally-right stuff…

I know, I’m not on the right forum for this discussion; just needed to vent a bit :slight_smile: . Still in the market for a good download store (or other ‘legal’ solution), though !