Multichannel music playback

How do people listen to multichannel music on their systems?

Core: IMac 2012
Endpoint: Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 via Chromecast (Ethernet)
AVR: Denon AVRX 3600 via HDMI
Speakers: SVS satellites 5.1.2 (Small 3.5mX4m room)

I have no local files, i listen to everything via Qobuz.

NUC/ROCK connected via HDMI to Denon 3808 AVR. 7.1 setup using B&W speakers and sub.


Any specific settings you are using?

Also what files are you using?


Nothing special, I don’t think:

As for files, it’s a variety - I listen to the music :grinning:

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Cheers for that mate :+1:

I play my 5.1 (and 4.0 and 3.0) files successfully through an HDMI input on my AVR. Works well. Ripped all my SACDs, DVD-As, Blu-Rays to get the files. I have a source for this service if you are interested. So far, no multi-channel from Tidal or Qobuz, so you will need local files.

Qobuz do have a few multichannel titles. You need to search for “5.1” in the Qobuz app (not in Roon) to track them down…

Also searching #multichannel in the Qobuz app works. In the results make sure to click on All Albums, then Favorite any you would like to hear in Roon. :grinning:


Ah, yes, #multichannel is definitely a better search term than “5.1”… :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Geoff_Coupe and @Saturn94 for that tip! I did not know that Qobuz had multichannel albums. Very excited to explore those.

My setup for multichannel listening is feeding the signal via USB into the awesome exaSound e38 DAC and then using the multichannel analog inputs into my receiver and amp. Receiver and amp are Outlaw Audio and speakers are Axiom.

I too have ripped all my SACDs (using the Oppo player hack) and some DVD-As.

I just love how seamless it is going back and forth from stereo to multichannel using the exaSound DAC and Roku. It’s funny when imaging is so good in a stereo recording that you think you’re listening to multichannel and you have to get up from the couch to look at the DAC display to make sure :slight_smile:

I just wish Qobuz offered more multichannel titles, and a variety of genres.

I also used the Oppo hack to rip my multichannel SACDs and DVD-As when I discovered I could listen to them in Roon with my Salkstream III hooked up to my Oppo via HDMI (Oppo is hooked to my processor via multichannel analog). :+1:

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Thanks! I did not know this.

I have my Nucleus+ connected to my McIntosh MX160 via HDMI as the vehicle to play multi-track music. It works great.

If your interested, Mark Haldrep, a pioneer of multi-track music has a label AIX Records ( that records, produces and sells multi-track music. Every title in his shop was recorded at 96 kHz/24-bits with no equalization, artificial reverberation, dynamics processing, or mastering applied. And quite interestingly each track is delivered in three different mixes – a 5.1 “stage” mix (like you’re on the stage in the middle of the band), 5.1 “audience” mix (like your in the audience), and a 2.0 stereo mix. Quite interesting to listen to if you have a good multi-track audio setup.


Thanks for the replies. When I get home (currently away) I will have a play around.

Playing surround files through Media PC Origen AE S16T BluCinema linked via HDMI to Oppo 205. I use the DACS in the Oppo as analogue output to the Denon AVR 4520.
Other great Surround Record labels:
I also ripped my DvA’s and Bu-Rays as Flacs to my NAS

More than likely a simple thing I’m missing here but I cannot get multichannel to work.

Setup is:

Core: IMac 2012
Endpoint: Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 via Chromecast (Ethernet)
AVR: Denon AVRX 3600 via HDMI
Speakers: SVS satellites 5.1.2 (Small 3.5mX4m room)

You need to set multichannel mixing to channel mapping only. You are downconverting everything to 2-channel. JCR

Still only getting 2 channel but now it’s lossless. I have re-booted my core too.

My Multichannel Mixing setting is set to Downmix as Needed.

Maybe try that?

Also, is the Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 capable of multichannel PCM via ethernet? You might have to run your computer (where Roon core is) direct to your Denon receiver via HDMI.