Multichannel output from Sonicorbiter SE?


I’m trying to connect my Sonicorbiter SE to my new surround sound setup to be able to play back surround music. I’m using the optical out since my AVR does not have USB input for audio, but I’m only able to get two channel audio.

Is there some magic incantation to configure the optical out to be multichannel audio? If not, what is the preferred way to be using the Sonicorbiter SE for multichannel audio?



You cannot expect to get multichannel output via optical or coax, only stereo. The preferred, and only possible, way is via USB.

Thank you Kal, appreciate the quick reply. Looks like its time to dig out all my physical SACDs and use my PS3 for something other than ripping them (playback via HDMI to AVR)

I’m assuming the Sonicorbiter SE can’t be configured to output to HDMI? It would be extremely convenient to be able to use Roon for multi-channel output to my AVR.

If you want Roon multichannel HDMI output, you likely need a core or endpoint running a full commercial OS (i.e. probably not Linux) directly connected via HDMI to your AVR. USB is not apt to cut it, as audio components that support multichannel USB are about as rare as hen’s teeth.


Linux (xUbuntu) + Intel NUC + AVR = Multichannel :wink:
Tested, working like a charm.
My setup is: one Intel Nuc, xUbuntu, RoonBridge and two outputs:

  1. Stereo - USB + Marantz HD-DAC1 + Naim Naut 5si
  2. Multichannel - same NUC as for stereo - HDMI to my Marantz AVR
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Here’s one that does not get enough recognition:

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