Multichannel via XL UPNP?

Would like to play MC music and tried the following:

Unfortunately, it remixes to 2 channel. Is this a limitation of Ropieee or the attached Sony?

You using lms2upnp it doesn’t support mulitchannel because Squeezebox hardware never did so it won’t in Roon.

Understood and thank you for the quick and clear answer

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Maybe you want to try any output device being capable of enabling an HDMI output in Roon. If you deactivate all downmix options in the audio settings it should work.

Just out of curiosity: Are there a lot of albums in 5.1 multichannel streaming via Qobuz? Would really make me consider getting myself a Qobuz subscription as so far I only managed to stream multichannel in Roon from local sources.

I ordered a HifiBerry Digi Pro with a SPDIF out and will try to stream 5.1 content to my Onkyo 740 and see what I get. Found about 50 5.1 high resolution titles, maybe there are more. Kinda difficult o search the database.

S/PDIF does not support multichannel PCM.


I used a Sony BluRay player to connect to the Onkyo RZ740 via optical output. It played Dolby 5.1 soundtracks from the movies w/o a problem. Is multichannel PCM a different animal?

Optical can only handle compressed bitstreams as multichannel such as Dolby Digital and DTS not uncompressed multichannel. You can only have this via HDMI for most systems, USB may work for some multichannel dacs.

Learned something new. Thank you guys again. Will make use of my new Digi Pro in some other application.
Looks like I have to go back and figure out why my NUC 8 BEH is not playing ball with Roon and my Onkyo RZ740.
Two strange things: it plays MC or any stereo until it stops, the Onkyo shows no source and restarting Onkyo or Roon server usually will resolve it until the next shut down.
Next thing is on the device settings page, channel configuration is missing.

Update: I uninstalled the DisplayAudio driver package and reinstalled the very latest version from the Intel driver package repository. In doing so, I made sure that I deleted all settings of the original driver. Then I reinstalled Roon-Server (killed all all settings etc.) and voila, the HDMI connected to my Onkyo AV works as expected with a complete settings page.
Seems like something in the DisplayAudio driver was buggered up, which only a clean reinstall could fix.
Two questions remain:
I understand that Qobuz streams FLAC multichannel material. I have a setting on my Onkyo, that allows for direct output of MC music. Is that the correct setting, which means no Dolby etc. processing?
When I turn off the TV screen and Roonserver runs un the background, Roon stops playing and needs to be restarted. Is this expected behavior?