Multiple Album Artist Fix?

Only now have I realize a potential easy fix to a vexing issue. When there are multiple artists involved, the file tags that I inherit almost always use commas to separate the names. And, not surprisingly, Roon treats that as a single entity, eg, “Crosby, Stills & Nash”.

If I were to change the commas to semicolons before importing into Roon, where semicolon is my preferred delimiter, Roon would create separate artists, eg, “Crosby” and “Stills & Nash”? Correct?

That was a poor example in my settings where practically no artist has a comma in their name.

Yep, that is exactly what happens. So you need to be careful before doing a global replace of commas with semi-colons.

You still might prefer to do a global replace and clean up the relatively small mess afterwards rather than go through your albums one by one to get it right first time. I went for the global nuclear option but everyone is different.

From pop, another common one besides CSN is “Earth, Wind & Fire” but you find it all over the place in Classical as well. Ones from Classical I had to deal with recently were “New College Choir, Oxford” and “The Choir of the Queen’s College, Oxford”. A real pain as they all have many equivalents. Not just a Classical problem. These are the Earth, Wind & Fire equivalents:

E.W. Fire, E.W.&F., E.W.F, E.W.F., Eart Wind & Fire, Eart, Wind & Fire, Earth, Earth & Fire, Earth Wind & Fire, Earth Wind & Fire With The Emotions, Earth Wind + Fire, Earth Wind And Fire, Earth Wind Fire, Earth Wind, & Fire, Earth, Wind + Fire, Earth, Wind And Fire, Earth, Wind v Fire, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Earth, Wind, And Fire, Earth, Wind, Fire, Earth’ Wind And Fire, EW & F, EW&F, EWF, Fusion, Tierra Viento y Fuego, Tierra, Viento Y Fuego, アース・ウインド&ファイア, アース・ウィンド&ファイアー