Multiple Album Copies Not Appearing

Hi there, just joined and just added Roon to my environment. Was browsing through the UI and I’ve come across my first issue

Synced up my music and Roon hasn’t added multiple copies of albums. For example, I have Help! 2009 Stereo, 1965 Stereo and 2009 Mono but only 2009 Stereo shows. Same with Sgt. Pepper, White Album and the rest

Each album has its own defined folder on the hard drive so I don’t understand what is (not) going on.

Excuse the pun, but I need Help!

Re-loaded and most of the missing albums are now under the Versions tab, however all the artwork is the same.

I will keep plugging away during the trial period

Hello @Kenny_McHardy,

Thanks for contacting support and glad that you were able to find the missing albums under the versions tab. By default Roon uses the highest quality artwork available from our online metadata source but you can easily change what artwork it uses in Album Editor. I have created a GIF showing you how to achieve this:

Also, if we detect a .JPG whose name contains “front” or “cover” or “folder” in the same folder that the music is located, Roon would automatically select that one if it has a higher pixel area than the artwork that our metadata service provides. Hope this helps but do let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi Noris

Many thanks for your prompt response and the advice given :+1:

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