Multiple album versions not visible in Discography [Expected behavior. Choose Overview instead]

Core Machine
Intel NUC running current Roon ROCK (1.8 build 795)

Network Details
Ethernet. Unifi Ubiquiti gateway and switch. Roon ROCK connected by 1Gb Cat 5e cable to switch.

Audio Devices
USB from Intel NUC to Holo May DAC

Library Size
35,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I had two versions of the Beatles White Album. I added a third version and Roon lost track of the first two versions.

I had two versions and they displayed correctly as versions in Roon. The folders for these two versions that displayed correctly were named

“The Beatles - The Beatles [2009 Stereo Remaster]

“The Beatles - The Beatles [2009 Mono Remaster]

The CD1 and CD2 are subfolders.

I added a third version:

“The Beatles - The Beatles [50th Anniversary]

The third version is a 24/96 file.

After adding the third version the first two versions have disappeared from the “Discography” when I look at “My Albums” in the Beatles artist page.

I used to have one album on the Beatles artist page, and when I opened it I had my two “Versions” the 2009 mono and the 2009 stereo.

Now that I have added the third version of the album, that is the only version that shows up when I go to the album from the Beatles artist page discography.

The third version is also the only one that is visible when I search for “The White Album”

The only way to find the original two versions is to go the the full list of albums.

The original two versions of this album are now essentially obliterated in the Roon library now that I’ve added the third version.

So, I went to the third version (24/96, 50th Anniversary version) and chose “Delete album” from the edit menu and confirmed ok that the files would be deleted. (I have a backup).

After deleting this third version, the other two versions now show up as they should. Under the Beatles Discography there is one White Album and it has two versions.

How do I get Roon to show the White Album with all three versions? This works with other albums, so what is going on in this case?

I appreciate your help.

If you want to see your albums, you should look in Overview, not, Discography. As the two views have different purposes.

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