Multiple Albums Appear Combined as One Album [Resolved]

I have 4 iTunes albums entitled The Ultimate Collection. These are 4 separate albums by Debarge, Rick James, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles and Diana Ross & The Supremes.

I want to have them show as 4 albums in Roon, but can’t seem to get that to happen.

Please advise how I can split the 1 album into the correct 4 albums.

I would add in Brackets the album artist on your original file.
This will put that in the version field. This may split them to four albums

No! Don’t do that. It might work, but “corrupting” album title strings isn’t going to help Roon identify the albums. I suspect the problem is a lack of album artist and possibly track artist tags, which I’d like to see.

It didn’t cause me any problems, the albums identified perfectly. But I did use the individual album title as published in brackets.
Artist Vince Gill. Album These Days (Workin’ on a big chill, The Rockin’ record)
Artist Vince Gill. Album These Days (The Reason Why, The Groovy Record)
Artist Vince Gill. Album These Days (Somethings never get old, The Country Record)
Artist Vince Gill. Album These Days (Little Brother, The Acoustic Record)
Result in this case. I have four individual albums identified. All I had to do was add my preferred artwork.
I appreciate this may not be correct in your case.

It might work for you Chris for some or even all of your albums, but It is NOT my recommendation. From 1.3, for album version, if configured we will read a VERSION file tag. This is the preferred option. My advice is to keep your tags clean if possible.

@disneymike Do your file tags have ALBUMARTIST or ARTIST tags?

I’ll see how this looks after 1.3 is up and running and edit again as required.

I didn’t specifically add any tags. I looked under manage tabs with the album loaded in Roon and don’t see any tags associated with the album.

From what Joel is saying, I’d just wait for Roon 1.3 (Coming soon) and see what happens.

@joel Should I wait for 1.3? Do you think this will resolve itself with the update? Or is there something else I can try now to fix my problem?

@support Please would you work with @disneymike to resolve this?

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@joel is talking about the ID3v2 tags that should be in the track files’ metadata. The tags accessed in the Tag Manager are defined by you (the user), and are internal to Roon.

If you’ve got an ID3v2 metadata editor (e.g. Mp3tag or dbPoweramp), you could check the track files to see if they have metadata as suggested by joel.

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@Geoff_Coupe I have Yate on my Mac to edit ID3v2 tags. There seems to be artist and album artist tags for these albums. I tried deleting all the titles from iTunes and importing them back. Now I have 1 album showing properly, but the 3 remaining albums show as 1 album. When will Roon v1.3 be available? I don’t feel confident v1.3 will automatically fix this problem. Please advise. Thank you in advance for your help!

[quote=“disneymike, post:12, topic:18229, full:true”]
When will Roon v1.3 be available? I don’t feel confident v1.3 will automatically fix this problem. Please advise. [/quote]
I don’t work for Roon, so I have no idea when it will be available. All I know is that it is currently being tested, and will be released when the Roon folks deem it to be ready for release. Will it fix your problem? Again, I have no idea. Try it and see when you have 1.3 installed. In the meantime, I see that joel has alerted support, so perhaps they will have further suggestions to investigate the current 1.2 setup.

@Geoff_Coupe I’m so sorry, I thought you were with Roon support. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

@joel Thank you. I look forward to discussing my problem with support. As far as I know, support has not reached out to me thus far.

No problem. You can see who are the Roon folks in the Community forums - they all have the Roon logo as their avatar…