Multiple Artist Pictures

A new lifer here, enjoying the Roon experience :smile: I personally don’t fully get the hostility to the Artist picture issue. I have more than 4500 ripped albums, mostly jazz and rock with about 400 classical. I recon that roon collected more than 75% images of my 1800 artists and, in general the images have been ok for me. There have been some low resolution gaffs and some issues with heads been cropped when displayed but I have been having fun adding to the image library and correcting issues. Easy to do on the iPad. I am currently listening to Hudson with Jack Dejohnette and gang. Images of each band member are displaying very nicely on my tv via Chromecast. So, to my point. Doing this tidying up I have found some great photos but I see no way of adding more than one to an artist. I think this would be a good feature once speed issues etc have been sorted.