Multiple Artwork - how to?

I would like to have multiple artwork for some of my albums, but have difficulty to get it working in a smooth manner.

Using dbPowerAmp I have embedded a front and back cover of an album in the files - tagged as front and back cover, but Roon does not show or recognize the second cover.

If I place the two covers in the folder with the music, they both get recognized, but I would prefer to have artwork embedded in my files.

Is there a way to accomplish what I want?


Third party stuff I suspect I use Tag & Rename its great for fixing tags too

I bought as it was the only thing I could find to resize ArtWork to sat 500x500

I think its a Roon limitation unfortunately See my post here with a similar question:

Thanks for the replys.

I’m trying to flag @support, because I can’t seem to find any official documentation.