Multiple Boss Player issue

Core - MacBook Pro - Roon v1.7 buld 571
2 x Allo DietPi Boss Players (v6.26.3)

Trying to use the 2 x Allo DietPi Boss Players (v6.26.3) with identical settings in as Roon players.

When individually connected the the network both show up as Roon Players along with the Shareport option, however when both are connected to the network ONLY one Roon player is shown, however both Shareports are visible. Simultaneously in the About section only one Roon Bridge is evident.

Macbook and Boss Players are hardwired via 16 port Ubiquiti Edge switch

Seems to beyond Allo support as they have flicked me to this forum…Hummm???

Below are screenshots of each of the conditions mentioned above.

Roon not recognizing connected 2 bridges from the same endpoint maker, but recognizes each one interdependently if only one is connected.

Surely this issue interests someone at Roon ?

Hi @Julian_Muir1,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the forum! If the behavior the same if you temporarily try to bypass the switch and connect both Boss players directly to your router?

I wonder if the name being the same for both is confusing Roon, could you try enabling your Boss zones and then click the “pencil” icon to rename it to Allo Boss 155 & Allo Boss 128?

Thanks Noris,
Will do as you suggest and get back to you…


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HI Noris,

Have done the tests as you requested.

  1. Changed names of Players to Boss 39 + Boss 40
  2. Connected Macbook Pro and Boss players directly to router (wired) - now on a completely different network from the rest of the premises - nothing else on this network.

No difference unfortunately.

I have attached screen shots again…Image titles are pretty self explanatory.







Hi @Julian_Muir1,

Thanks for sending those screenshots over and for giving my suggestions a try.

This issue is going to need some QA feedback to proceed, can I please ask that you access your Roon logs on the Mac by using these instructions and send me a set?

Also, please locate your RAATServer logs and send me a copy of those as well (they should be under a different folder than the primary Roon logs folder).

Thanks Noris,

Give me your details so I can PM you with the logs ?

Hi @Julian_Muir1,

You should be able to click my name on the forum -> message to start a PM thread.
Please use “anyone accessible - share via link” option so that I can also forward the logs to QA for review. Thanks!

Hi @Julian_Muir1,

Thanks again for sending those logs over. I have just discussed your case with QA and we are interested to know how you installed the Operating System on the Boss players. Did the OS come pre-installed or did you manually install it? Did you clone the SD card used in them (as in they’re running the same image)?

Hi Noris,

Both units came already pre-installed.
I was asked to re-load Dietpi Allo Web GUI image from their URL…see below…
Both units have been reloaded…


We suspect Dietpi Allo Web GUI image on SD card is corrupted.
Can you please download Dietpi Allo Web GUI image to your PC from below link and flash to SD card using etcher tool and check


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Hi @Julian_Muir1,

Was there any change after re-loading the OS?

Do you mean did it change the way it worked, or did I make any changes after reloading ?

Answer to above - No and no

Hey Noris,

Any further movement on this…


Hi @Julian_Muir1,

I spoke to our hardware team regarding your report and we are looking into this in the QA lab to see if we can reproduce. Once I have further news from the lab, we will reach out once more. Thanks for your patience here!

Hi Noris,

We have sorted out the problem - please inform QA Lab and Allo the findings below.

This is a report from our chief software engineer…

As we have gone through, the fundamental problem is with the SD card image from Allo, it keeps the unique ID and cached setting files of both RAATServer and RoonBridge.

It results that any Allo RPxxx booting with the same image will end up with same UUID and Roon Core will recognise them as the same player and bridge.

The fix is:

  • ssh into RPI

  • Go to /mnt/diepi_userdata/roon/RAATServer/Settings, remove file “unique_id” and all .json files.

  • Go to /mnt/diepi_userdata/roon/RoonBridge/Settings, remove file “unique_id”

  • Reboot system by "sudo reboot”

  • New UUID will be generated after booting up.

  • Roon will recognize the units correctly.


Hi @Julian_Muir1,

I’ve been discussing your case with our hardware team and I wanted to touch base with some good news, we’ve been able to reproduce this behavior in-house and we are reaching out to Allo directly regarding this behavior, thanks again for the report!

Good news Noris…
Thanks for the getting this actioned.


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