Multiple Core locations

I love Roon. But until they allow the ability to have your core in more than one location isn’t by a single license, I’m out.

You can have Core in more than one location; just not playing simultaneously.

I know, but it looks like it’s a real hassle to backup and re-install without messing it up. There is no reason I can think of that this cannot be a cloud-based automatic situation based on login. I’ve read some horror stories here about people trying to use one core in two places.

People do it successfully all the time. It just requires conscientiousness, but whatever.

Isn’t there an issue with making sure all the drives and endpoints have the same labels? I recall reading horror stories here. I’m certainly not inept with software. Far from it. But I’d be livid if it messed up my config at home.

Not having more than one domicile, I’ve never had the need. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think people who have Core in more than one place find is easiest to keep their music on external USB drives that can be moved from place to place.

As far as endpoints, one might have to re-Enable those. Dunno.

If you really want to know how to do multiple Cores, the thing to do is open a thread asking that question. Pretty sure people will jump in with their experiences.

If Roon not being cloud-centric is the only reason for not using it, I think you may have a long wait for that to change.

I agree with your last statement. That’s why I’m out. FWIW, my comment in this thread is on-topic. HTH.

I was very afraid to use a subscription in 2 places, but it works and very well!!! Just deauthorize the previous core and in seconds the command passes to the current core, its library, if loaded from the stream services, is immediately loaded from one core to the other. I strongly recommend!!!

Authorisation has nothing to do with the Roon database, it just means “I’m using this core”. You can have two entirely different core/endpoint setups, and just sign into whichever you currently want to use. If you didn’t sign out of the other first, you get prompted “is this what you want to do?”. It needs an internet connection for validation.

@moderators please break this out

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Good point. If one doesn’t want to share the same library and its curations between multiple locations, then there should be no problem.

Done, please continue this discussion here👍


Not really. The issue is that some people want to have exactly the same setup and library (including all the edits that they have made) in more than one location, and that is difficult to achieve manually - and Roon has no way of doing this automatically; at least currently.

However, it is certainly possible to move local content between Cores using USB drives holding the content.

There’s no requirement to have the same endpoints on each Core - they are independent Cores, after all.

And if your Library is using content from streaming services (Tidal or Qobuz), then this content will be automatically synchronised between multiple Cores - no manual intervention required.

It’s when people try to backup the Roon database from one Core and restore it to another that issues are likely to arise. Here be dragons - personally, I don’t advise it. I just treat separate Cores as separate - and know that I can share local content by moving drives.

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You can have as many instances of Roon Core as you like. You however can only have one active. When coming to the other location; login and select the core (the other) to deactivate. This works fairly well. We hope there will be an option for remote connection to core in the future.