Multiple cores. Or networked core

I now spend half of my time at my girlfriend’s house. I am missing my music. Is there a way to have ROON at both places without having to buy 2 licences of the software…

I’m guessing, but probably only if you deactivate Roon on one core before reactivating it on the other.

You need 2 cores but one lic still and as long as you only have one running at any one time you death the other at the core you want to run it on.

unless your library is all streaming then your local files would need to be duplicated and kept in sync - roon doesn’t sync local library tracks in the database but streaming services that are enabled should keep in sync

local playlist etc of course will not as they are unique to each core

I have a big collection which I will replicate at the other home. I don’t know what death the other core means. If I shut down the one core everytime I leave my house can I use the Roon license at the other house

When you have two or more cores you can swap between them at will very easily.
In settings:general you click disconnect on the Roon Core section.
At your new location when you fire up Roon it will ask you to connect to Roon Core, you then just choose that new second Roon Core( actual verbiage might be , " use this PC?")
Streaming services will then need to be activated on that machine but should sync up the same.
If you have local tracks, make a copy on a usb hdd and then add that on new core as the new music storage folder and the new core will import and analyze them for you.
I do not believe favourites and playlists will be transferred though.

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Thanks. I have WAY too big a collection gor USB. I will buy the commensurate amount of hard disc space and replicate the local collection

More than 4tb?
I actually use 2*4tb USB HDD for my music folders.

Yes. I have maybe 20TB maybe more with multichannel recordings. It’s a challenge and why I use ROON

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Hi Ben! As others have said, you can de-authorize one core and re-authorize the other. When I use Roon at work, I de-authorize my home core. It is easy, Just bring Roon up in the other location and it will prompt you to de-authorize the other core. Very easy.

Thabks for that. I assuming reauthorization back and forth is easy. I appreciate the advice

There is a way to perhaps use a VPN and do things remote but its a challenge for non technical/networking types.

see the info the #tinkering area of the community

here is one

and another

Only works for remotes over wifi connections however - not LTE/GSM phone connections