Multiple Cores, syncing

I just installed Roon - I don’t have a complicated setup…I have a computer @ home and one @ work that I want to move back and forth between. Is it possible to sync playlists, tags, & other personalizations between computers?

Mainly playlists, tags, favorites. Is it possible to sync them when I authorize the 2nd computer?

Backup and restore is the only method at this time. Not a good solution for your scenario.

It’s been asked for a few times so you aren’t the first.

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Hmmm…playlists aren’t a big deal for me, but syncing favorites is important. What’re the problems with back/restore? Is it unreliable?

No just long winded. If you have big library it can take quite some time to restore it.

I tried it last night and it took about an hour to restore. Is there something in the works to provide better functionality for this?

Are the backups/restores incremental so that they don’t take so long?

Not that I know off, but they are working on roon being mobile accesble outside the home network so in theory could negate another core being needed (bandwidth permitting)