Multiple DAC hats on 1 PI 4B?

I was wondering if it is possible to run a HifiBerry DAC 2 PRO XLR, and also a HifiBerry Digi +, on the same Pi4B with RoPieee? I would like to do this to compare which is better. The DAC2 would go to the balanced inputs on my CXA5100, and the Digi + would go to a RCA digital input on the CXA5100.

It is sometimes possible to stack add-on boards as long as their GPIO requirements don’t conflict. The boards need to be designed to work together or you need to get lucky.

In this case I’d be very surprised if they worked together due to I/O conflicts.

Two RPis and a Roon zone would give you the test setup you’re after.


Software-wise you can’t (RoPieee does not support this).

And in general I would strongly advise against this. The chance that you run in all kinds of issues, ranging from hardware compatibility to software setup does imho not way up against simply a second Pi.



Thanks for the comments… I guess i will need to get a 2nd Pi.

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Not useful for what you want to do but it is possible to run a HAT as well as drive a DAC from the Pi USB output. They appear as separate endpoints in Roon. I do this with Ropieee XL but it worked fine with Diet Pi before that. No special config was required other than selecting the HAT as usual.

Or, you could use two USB DACs.