Multiple Different Recordings in Same Folder


I apologize. This question has surely been asked before, but I can’t find it or the answer to this problem.

I’m in the process of ripping my cd collection, using a cocktail x45 to rip, play, and store. I’ve just transferred the Roon core from a very old MacBook to a new Macmini, and that seems to have gone well. But I have multiple different recordings of the same pieces, and Roon sometimes puts them all in the same folder. As an example, Roon has put three separate recordings of the Brahms symphonies, conducted by Boult, McKerras, and Furtwangler, into the same folder. So it has Brahms Symphony I, first movement, conducted by Boult, then the same movement conducted by McKerras, then the same movement conducted by Furtwangler, then the second movement conducted by a Boult, and so on.

There must be a simple way to undo this, and put all the Boult recordings in one folder, all the McKerras in a second one, and all the a Furtwangler in a third. But I don’t know what it is. Can you help me?

Thank you.


Roon doesn’t put the albums in folders, it doesn’t change the files and folders at all.
That is done by the ripping software.

I don’t know the Cocktail, but all software I have used (currently use dBPowersmp) offer control of how the folders are structured, so I can do \albumartist\albumname\

If multiple albums are in one folder, Roon can often identify them anyway and in that case the folder structure doesn’t matter. But probably not always.

So the question is, why do you want to fix this? Does Roon get confused when playing the albums?

Well, something is changing something, because the Cocktail database doesn’t have some files, like some recordings of Brahms symphonies, in the same places as Roon has them. Why do I want to fix it? Because my experience differs from yours: Roon appears not to identify the order of albums correctly, so it will play three versions of the first movement of, say, Brahms 1 in a row, then three versions of the second movement, and so on. I would prefer that it didn’t do that, but it seems from your answer that the problem is not with Roon, wherever else it might be. If there is a fix that will allow me to move files to a location I select, rather than where Roon (or something) has placed them, I would love to know that. If not, that would be good to know that also. And in either case, thanks for your help!


Hello @Ian_Gallacher,

Before continuing, I would like to clarify what you mean when you say that Roon is placing the different recordings in the same “folder”. Roon does not have any concept of “Folders” in your Library. When you click on the album art in the browser, you are entering what we would consider to be an “Album”. Is the behavior you are seeing that Roon is placing the different recordings of the performance into the same “Album”?


I had the same question, and a few others.
After you had ripped the albums in Cocktail, in what folders did Cocktail place them?
How did you make those files available to Roon? Did you tell Roon to look in the Cocktail folders, or did you copy them to a Roon location in some way?

Hi, and sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been exploring the Cocktail and Roon a little in order to understand your responses better, and I now think I do. In part, I was operating under a nomenclature misunderstanding: what I called file, you call album. I have trouble thinking of what’s loaded onto the Cocktail, or findable in a Roon, as an album, but that’s my problem not yours!

And I see now that the problem lies in the Cocktail, not in Roon: the Cocktail makes decisions based, I think, in part on Gracenote, which seems to be an inferior product, at least for classical music. Too often, it thinks that recordings of Brahms symphonies (for example) are interchangeable. This explains why it sometimes thinks a cd has been ripped before, when it hadn’t been, and why it’s willing to combine different recordings of the same piece into the same album (or file).

But if the Cocktail is the problem, can Roon be the solution? My initial question still remains: can Roon undo what the Cocktail has done, and disambiguate the albums so that, say, all of Boult conducting Brahms 1 is in one place and all of Karajan conducting Brahms 1 is in another? Or is that asking too much of Roon, when it would continue to see the intermingled album on the Cocktail?

Or is there a workaround that might accomplish the same task?

And if there’s no answer that will make me happy, I still appreciate the time and effort you’ve taken with my -roblem. Thank you!


Sorry. I rip albums onto Cocktail — 30 or 40 at a time — then open Roon and it does it’s s-inning circle thing until it finds whatever is new on the Cocktail. I haven’t added anything to either product in any way other than that.


So Roon is looking in the place where Cocktail placed the albums?
In that case, Roon does not move the albums at all, doesn’t place them in any folders.

Your description where Roon mangled the music: can you show us what you did? Can you oook at the folders where they are? What albums Roon shows?

Perhaps the first thing: when you played the work and you got the three performances mixed up, what did you do to play it?

If you go into the album browser, do you see the individual albums there? If so, when you click on one of them and hit play, does it play correctly? Or do you see one “album” that is a mishmash of the three?

EDIT Never mind, just saw your previous answer. Not sure how to do that conveniently, depends on how messy things are, what specific form it takes. Not happened to me, maybe because I don’t do much classical. Good luck.