Multiple disk DSD albums don't show all discs

I have a 3 disc SACD album (Marriage of Figaro by Rene Jacobs from Harmonia Mundi). I put the CD version into folder name CD, with three sub-folders, one for each of the disks (CD1, CD2, CD3). I also put the DSD tracks into subfolders SACD1, SACD2, and SACD3, themselves in folder SACD, which is at the same level as the CD folder. The CD version is recognized by Roon nicely as a 3-disk album. In contrast, the DSD version is recognized as a single disk album, corresponding to SACD1. The other two disks are imported - I can see them in the track view based on their file paths. But they are not merged with SACD1. They can only be found as separate single disk SACDs without titles, album art, and unknown artist, by searching for SACD2 or SACD3. I wonder if this inconvenience can be fixed? The same happens with some other multi-disk SACD albums. Thank you, Andrej

Do the other disks have any metadata? I found that ripped SACDs sometimes have poor metadata and that Roon does much better with identifying them when I properly tag the files.

If you merge the three SACDs in Roon it ought to identify the opera.

I think you are on the right track. There is basically no metadata in those disks, perhaps not unexpectedly given that I ripped my own SACDs with sacd-ripper / sacd-extract on PS3. I guess I will be merging these SACD’s in Roon by hand, not a huge problem. Thanks, Andrej

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