Multiple DSD rates

Earlier today I purchased an album and by mistake got the 192-24 FLAC version. Later I saw DSD 256 available the the site let me have a version of that. The “versions” tab correctly shows that I now have a FLAC version and a DSD version. I am confused by it showing both DSD 128 and 256.

When I look at the directory that has the DSF files I see only 1 version. Why some files include “256” prior to .dsf and others do not is interesting:

For this reason, I think I only have files for 256 downloaded.

Finally look at they dynamic range difference between the FLAC version and the DSD version. Why the difference in this case?


DD128 is 5.6 MHz…

“DSD 5.6448” is in the album title in parentheses so it is displayed on the screen as you see it.

And I do believe you are also reading K. 265 as 256.

Explanation of K. 265 is this:


Thanks everyone. Indeed I do have the DAD 128. I have not seen the frequency also listed on other albums. This is part of what confused me. Now that I look at the FLAC version and the file names I see you are correct, the frequency is part of the file name in both versions.