Multiple Duplicate Albums and Sorting Issues in Roon Library (ref#P6B9RY)

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The issue I have is the following. In the Roon library 'Albums' I see the same album multiple times. Also the sorting of albums is now really 'confused'. If i sort the albums by artist it starts almost right (but with errors) , after 100 albums or so, starts again with A and then the sorting is all over the place.
This behaviour started a while ago. May be after I upgraded from Roon 1.8 to 2.0, or after starting using Tidal a streaming services which I added to Roon. Or it is not related to both, I am not sure.
Before upgrading or added Tidal, I was only using only my own files in the library and sorting was fine. I never had this issue before.
I know that Tidal albums appear sometimes as duplicates in the library due to slightly different naming but that is not the issue I am reporting here.
I cleaned the library in the settings menu but that did not help.
I am running Roon on an Intel NUC server and using the latest ROCK software.

Can someone help me?

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ROCK on an Intel NUC. Using Roon on macOS or iPad. Audio plays fine. Using Asus Router and TPlink switch.

An update. For some reason on the iPhone Roon app the Albums are not duplicated and there sorting is fine. No Issues and not that I never added Tidal on the iPhone!
The problem only occurs on the macOS Roon app and iPad Roon app which I use frequently.
I cleared the cache on MacOs but that does not help.

I fixed the problem by rebooting Roon Rock server. All duplicates and sorting issues disappeared.

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