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Dell XPS, iPhone 13 Pro

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I have multiple copies of albums in my library since the last Roon update. How do I elminate the duplicates?

Hi Lisa and welcome to the Roon community

First thing, just make sure that the folders have not been duplicated in Settings->Storage

After that look at the duplicate albums and click on the versions button and look at the folder’s where the albums are to see if they have been duplicated on the storage medium.
There could be multiple versions of albums in different bit rates etc and these can be hidden with the hide duplicates option.


Hey @Lisa_Bernabucci,

As @Michael_Harris mentioned, welcome to the community! I wanted to check in on this thread and see if you were still running into issues with duplicates?

Michael is pointing you in the right direction by checking out your storage settings to check for duplicated folders as well as multiple versions of an album.

When in doubt, give your router and core a hard reboot as well. Let me know if your issue persist after the above :+1:

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