Multiple folders selection/folders exclusions when importing/editing library


in my music folder I have several ones that I don’t want to import to the Roon library.

I’ve managed to select single ‘root’ subfolders importing them one at a time but it would be nice if, when importing the main folder, it would be possible to make multiple selection and/or exclusions.

Also often there are sub-subfolders that I would like to exclude from import but it’s not pratical to manage it selecting one folder at a time.

Reorganizing my folder structure is not practical either since my music folder is shared with other apps for editing, recording and when I need to manipulate it by folders (which from what I understand will never be possible in Roon for a design choice and I’m fine with it as long I’ve some flexibility importing the library).

Thanks in advance

This may help … Settings → Storage → Edit → Ignored paths


Thanks Carl. :slight_smile:

I’ve already seen that option and it would have helped if it was a ‘folder view’ when you can select/exclude single folders.

As it is it’s only pratical for a very limited set of subfolders.

Allowing use of wildcards in that field would have been nice too (if I’m not missing something).