Multiple formats in the same folder?

I’ve got some albums in multiple formats, both MP3 and FLAC. Is this a problem for Roon, in identifying the album? What if the files have the same name, but different extensions?

And now I’ve noticed (thanks to Roon) that some of them have HDCD tags. Since there’s no future to HDCD, it’s unlikely that Roon will handle it natively, isn’t it? My plan is to convert any tracks that have HDCD PE in them, to 20 or 24 bit FLAC, and rename the original 16 bit version to “.hdcd”. Following So some tracks will have 3 versions.

Is all of this OK? Will it freak Roon out?

I have done that without problems.
No guarantees…

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I think you’ll be fine. The .hdcd files will be ignored, the mp3 and FLAC files will make one album if they are not duplicates. If duplicated then Roon will try to make different albums for each version.