Multiple genres within albums when using Focus

I’m a recent convert to Roon so I’m still learning a huge amount - please be gentle if this has already been commented on before! I did search but couldn’t find anything appropriate.
I’ve been playing with Focus and Shuffle, and it’s very good, but I’ve come across an issue within my collection of rips when using Focus.
Yesterday I used Focus within the ‘Tracks’ section of Roon to create a playlist of reggae. Every so often a track would be played that was definitely not reggae, and when I looked into it I found the reason.
In amongst the library we have quite a few compilations of the ‘year’s best’ sort, and there are often multiple genres on each album. For instance, there might be a pop track, a rock one, reggae, rap, hip-hop, etc., with each track having its own genre. It seems each indiviual track is seen in Roon as being in all the genres covered by the album, which is why Rod Stewart turned up in my shuffled reggae queue! Please note - each track only has one genre assigned to it. It seems Roon sees all tracks as being of all the genres that are on the album.
Have I missed a setting somewhere (more than likely) or should I put this in ‘feature requests’ to ask that it be taken into account in a future build?

Any and all help gratefully received.



Hi Mick,

This has been requested in the past. Check out this Feature Request.

Cheers, Greg

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Ah! Many thanks, Greg!